World Action Fund is organising short courses (trainings in the following areas). These are 1-6 weeks training depending on the modules trained on. Admission is from Primary seven, secondary school education, tertiary and degree levels.
Phone repair and maintenance:

Mobile Repairing Courses train students to work on Mobile Hardware, Software, Rebooting, Troubleshooting, etc. Mobile Phone Repairers are in charge of installing, testing, analyzing, and repairing various types of mobile phones and smartphones. The Mobile Repairing course is designed to prepare students for self-employment in the field of mobile technology. This course focuses on the components, mobile phone hardware troubleshooting, mobile phone generations, flashing, software installation, secret code use, and so on.
Mobile repairing courses are Vocational Courses are available currently in the form of mobile repairing certificate programs
Some of the skills required to pursue mobile repairing courses include knowledge about hardware, knowledge about tablets, and Android knowledge among other knowledge about operating a mobile phone and its hardware.
While mobile repairing courses at the certificate level can be pursued right after completions of primary seven, high school, diploma level as an eligibility for admission for mobile repairing, and the duration for training depends on the modals, that can be hours to 6months, with particular needs of a trainee.
Hair dressing and Cosmetology:
  • The organisation intends to train professional skilled and knowledgeable hairdressers, beauty therapists and cosmetologists worth of local and international recognition for their technical abilities.
  • The organisation intends to provide up-to-date knowledge, and practical skills in line with the needs of the cosmetology industry.
  • The organisation intends to train our students in the latest techniques giving them an immediate market advantage.

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