Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture is a core sector of Uganda’s economy. It contributed about 23% of GDP at current prices in 2011. Agricultural exports accounted for 48.5% of total exports in 2012. The sector provides the basis
for growth in other sectors such as manufacturing and service.

About 60 percent of Uganda’s population is engaged in agriculture, forestry and fishing. Agriculture has grown at an average rate of 2.8% per year in the last 8 years. It presents immense opportunities for growth in other sectors like manufacturing especially agro-processing.

The majority of the people in rural areas own land. However, it is heartbreaking to find some families, especially the widows and child-headed families who cannot efficiently farm their land because they lack the seeds to plant. As a result, such families suffer from shortage of food and agricultural products for sale. These families encounter difficulties finding enough food especially during the dry seasons. Famine and poverty are very devastating and continue to take lives in thousands in Africa.


Our Approaches and Solutions:

  • Help with Seed loan support
  • Capacity building for farmers on improved farming practices
  • Provision of startup supports e.g goats, pigs, and chickens to poor farmers
  • Market research and technological development


Soil analysis
Successful farm production starts with healthy soil. The soil is one of the most important farm assets. It provides crops with a valuable reservoir of water and nutrients. Each type of soil has its own properties. Soil texture cannot be changed, but farmers can always improve soil quality by managing the nutrient levels and soil pH. One of the most important factors in managing soil quality is regular.
In partnership with Exceed24 and local household farmers in vegetable gardening for social enterprise and nutrition in Arua district, we can do more to support families and farmers in the region to provide agricultural input and integrates farm methods to help small-scale growers in Africa overcoming obstacles that arise from market-oriented farming. This will be implemented through providing Agri-coaching, seeds of high quality and technology.
According to agriculture experts, soil testing helps farmers understand the fertility of the land and make choices on whether to use manure and measure the number of fertilisers one needs for their land

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