While we can never be entirely free of racial prejudice and xenophobia, we have to be able to identify and address racism and xenophobic attacks because it perpetuates the unearned privileges of some and imposes undeserved restrictions on others. The economic well-being of a group of people is intertwined with racism and unless it is addressed intentionally and thoroughly, a community building effort will not reach its full potential.


No matter what culture or part of the world you’re from, you’ve seen the results of racial prejudice and racism, even if you’ve never directly felt it aimed at you. The results of racial prejudice and racism can be seen everywhere: stereotypes, violence, underfunded schools, unemployment, police brutality, shabby housing, a disproportionate number of African-American men on death row, etc. Racial prejudice and racism can be found in many different areas of society: in the media, in service organizations, in the workplace, in neighborhoods, at school, in local government, on your block — in virtually every area of daily life.


Help promote and defend human rights, and make a difference in combatting racism in your community.

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