Plastic Free World

Ugandan cities are polluted and filled with plastic bottles and bags, that are harmful to the environment and water bodies. Most households have no knowledge of differentiating and sorting domestic waste  from plastic bags and papers, and hence they deposit them to the land fill.

Our campaign is to reverse the trend and educate the public on proper disposal of plastics,  recycling to create livelihoods. This campaign is targeting Arua City in Northern Uganda, where there is rampant in appropriate plastic disposal and no educational awareness.  We are seeking for $ 3,500 for house hold education & training, community engagement, radio talk shows, audio and visual drama on radios, fliers, IEC etc.


Train communities on palstic disposal & recycling
Support awareness campaign
Donate to support women group

Environmental Conservation

Our project Reducing Carbon Emissions Through Environmental Conservation and Awareness, supported by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration in Imvepi refugees settlement for 12 months project September 2017-September 2018.

  • 80 women and girls in making reusable sanitary
  • Engaged over 800 hosts and refugees in conservation
  • Media campaign (drama played on TV and FM radio occasionally once a week for 1 minute on environmental awareness and conservation).
  • Planted 20,000 wood lots and 4,000 grafted seedlings.
  • Meeting the local communities and train them on conservation skills.
Briquette making

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