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Uganda’s labour force consists of 15 million individuals with Agriculture accounting for 73% of the labour force employed in 2010. About 95 percent of the 11 million people working in Agriculture are informal workers. Within the services sector, 80 percent of the jobs are in the non-wage/informal sector jobs, mainly in low-productivity retail trade. Other sectors that employ relatively large numbers include the manufacturing sector (500,000 people) with about 60% of these in non-wage manufacturing. Construction accounts for 1.6 percent of the workforce (about 250,000 people). However, over 90 percent of workers are in wage employment sector.


The challenge Uganda faces is to increase the number of jobs in the more productive sectors, shifting people out of Agriculture into services and industry, while at the same time putting in place interventions, which will enhance productivity in Agriculture

World Action Fund has skilled over 250 men and women and youth in self employable courses. This has placed our organisation one of the top in skilling programs in region. Teenage parents were able join our training programs and we also provided tools and equipment for them to start their own works. In partnership with technical institutions, we have provided the best examinable courses.

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